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Get the very best in modern home (wired or wireless) security alarm systems for your home, and NEVER WORRY AGAIN

The very latest alarm technology that allows you to protect your family, home and valuables, and to keep tabs on your property, wherever you are, 24/7

Think: PEACE OF MIND at the touch of a button!

Optimised home security is all about control. And control gives you confidence. We understand that whatever size property you wish to protect, an alarm system needs to be simple to use. Starting with a security survey of your premises, we can quickly establish the best options for you to consider. Let us help you to select (or upgrade to) the most suitable alarm system for your property,

Our team of friendly professionals will install (and thoroughly test) your security alarm system without fuss leaving absolutely no mess. Usage of a Smartphone App (as part of your servicing contract) opening the door to a multitude of features you can use on the go, wherever you are in the world. You’re in control wherever you are.

  • Get the perfect alarm system fitted at your home, with minimum disruption and no mess left behind
  • Instantly feel so much better, your home being exceptionally well-protected from intruder threats and safety threats (smoke, flooding…)
  • Control your system from any location (using your Smartphone)
  • Receive real-time notifications, if your alarm is ever triggered
  • Have your security provider receive images and videos instantly should the alarm be activated
  • Keep an eye on your property and any people there, at any time

We have everything you need

As an established company, we have everything you need to help you safeguard the things that are most important to you. Equipment sourcing, installation expertise, repairs, servicing contracts (with Smartphone App!).

Never again having to wonder or worry about intruders when you’re home or away. Deter potential criminals. Feel good about giving your family optimum protection. And sleep soundly at night, the security of your home guaranteed.

Although UK crime rates fluctuate each year, thousands of burglaries and break-ins still occur at properties across the country. But there is something that you can change. And that’s the level of protection you give your home from intruders. It’s all about being proactive not reactive.

Let us provide you with the ideal alarm for your home, ALARMS YOU CAN 100% RELY ON.

Why not get in touch with us TODAY to discuss your particular situation and maybe arrange an on-site home assessment? Because the sooner you do, the sooner your home will be protected.

Get in touch today to speak to one of our security experts or to get a free quote.